Betway sign up offer - $30 free bets for new members Betway in Kenya

How great are the Betway bonuses?

Get free 144$ bonus

Betway is a company that seems to be everywhere nowadays. They have been engaged in a very aggressive campaign to make sure that everyone recognizes their name. This has been done through multiple sponsorships and endorsement deals made with different sport teams, tournaments and individual athletes.

At the same time, the company has invested a lot in advertising itself through different platforms. Something frequently mentioned in said advertisements are the bonuses that are offered. Specifically, the Betway welcome offer is by far the most mentioned, which of course intends to encourage people to become members of this bookmaker.

This article intends to examine that particular benefit and other bonuses and promotions, such as the Betway jackpot Kenya. It is hoped that after checking this page, the reader will be able to decide whether to join or not join the bookmaker in an informed way.

Get free 144$ bonus

How strict are the Betway bonus terms and conditions?

Bookmakers tend to be different in a number of ways. The most obvious is because of the different services that they offer, but a manner that may be not so obvious is to compare how strict or lenient are the terms and conditions of their bonuses and promotions.

This of course defines an overall line of reasoning behind the operation of the company. For example, if the terms and conditions of the bonuses of a sportsbook are more lenient, it probably means that they are actively engaging in a campaign to attract new users.

As an example, it is possible to take the Betway Kenya bonus for new members and its respective terms and conditions. For people who may not know, the company is currently offering up to US $ 30 for all people from Kenya who decide to sign up.

Now it will be explained how to use Betway bonus. After signing up, the player (if he or she wishes so) can make a deposit for US $10 or more. The bonus will add an extra amount to the cash balance equivalent to what was deposited, with a top limit of US $30, making it one of the largest among all Betway bonuses. For example, if a player decides to add US $10 during the first deposit, the bonus will add another US $10 to make a total of US $20 that can be used for placing live and pre match bets, effectively duplicating the initial amount.

The terms and conditions of this Betway Kenya bonus are not very strict. Their main points dictate, as previously said, that it is possible to make use of it only in the sports betting area. Another point indicates that it can be used in bets with odds of 1.75 (equivalent to 3/4) or higher. More Betway bonus terms and conditions concerning this benefit should be checked at the website.

Get free 144$ bonus

How to obtain the Betway Kenya bonus for new members?

Having explained how to use Betway bonus for new players, this section of the article will serve as a step by step guide to help people who may be interested in becoming members and obtain this Betway free bet amount. The following actions must be completed in order to obtain the promotion:

  1. Register a new account in Betway, this can be done through the mobile applications or the desktop website
  2. After entering all the requested information, make sure to put a tick over the checkbox stating that it is desired to obtain this sign up bonus
  3. Activate the account
  4. Make the aforementioned deposit for US $10 or a higher amount

Now this is a good moment to speak about the features of the sport betting area. It is possible to say that more than 30 sports are available for placing pre match and live wagers. This last type of bets can be made in a very informed way thanks to the live streamings available for selected events. If a particular match that offers live wagers doesn’t have an associated live streaming, there is no need to worry, because in those cases Betway provides very detailed statistics which are updated in real time. All these sports offer their own Betway bonuses.

One of the sports that has recently caught the attention of millions of people, and especially younger generations have been the eSports. In that aspect, it is important to mention that Betway was the first large bookmaker to open a dedicated section to that particular discipline, which happened back in 2015. It allows followers of matches being played in many different videogames to place bets, enjoy streamings and statistics, and everything else that can be done for a more traditional sport.

Some of the currently supported videogames include Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, League of Legends, World of Tanks, FIFA Football and many others. This list of games is constantly increasing as new videogames are being developed all the time, which also can give their own Betway bonuses.

Get free 144$ bonus

Other promotions and the Betway free bet club

The Betway free bet club is an initiative launched a few years ago which intends to reward frequent players in a very simple way. It works like this: If a customer wagers US $30 in a given week, during the following saturday he or she will receive a gift of US $5, and the sunday of the same week another US $5. These amounts can also be used in whatever sport with whichever odds the player desires. There is no promo code or any other thing to do to obtain access to the Betway free bet club. It is only necessary to fulfill the betting requirements and the amounts will be automatically added.

Both the casino and the sports betting area offer promotions and free bet offers at random times as well. They can be sent via email to some lucky players, or they can appear as pop up windows in both the applications and the website. For example, in the casino some bonuses may be given to encourage players to try a new game, such as the Betway jackpot bonus that will be detailed in the following section. On the other hand, when a very important sports event is taking place, some bonus codes are given in the same way in order to attract players to place wagers in said event.e.

Get free 144$ bonus

Betway jackpot and payment methods

There are several jackpots available in the casino area of Betway. They can give some very large rewards of thousands of dollars to some extremely lucky players. In order to encourage players to participate in those opportunities to win, there is the Betway jackpot bonus, which most of the times gives free plays to try out said games.

If someone is having a bad streak and losing money in those games, then the Betway jackpot Kenya bonus may appear to the rescue and provide some extra opportunities. This is a way to encourage people to play their chances and become frequent visitors of the casino.

Finally, there are many payment methods that can be used with Betway, either for claiming Betway bonuses or for general use. The website and mobile applications allow direct use of credit cards, debit cards and bank transfers from the most widely used banking institutions.

Cryptocurrencies and online payment systems can be used too. For example, players can make withdrawals and deposits with Bitcoin or Litecoin. Some of the accepted payment portals include Skrill, Neteller, Entropay, PayPal and more.

Betway takes security and transparent gaming very seriously, for that reason, they require players to provide a proof of identity before withdrawing cash. This ensures that everyone can have an enjoyable and secure experience, no matter of which section is being used.Get free 144$ bonus

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