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How the current version of the Betway app Kenya is doing?

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The Betway Kenya app received a huge overhaul during last year. The new version released at that moment for both iOS and Android improved aspects such as the stability and reliability, but also fixed bugs and added features based on user requests.

Many people claim that this version of the Betway mobile app is amazing. This type of feedback and comments can be found in all places throughout internet. This article will attempt to analyze whether those claims are based in real facts, and with that, the reader can decide whether he or she wants to Betway app download and join the adventure offered by the bookmaker.

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Obtaining the Betway apk for Android

Before going into the features of the current version of the software, it is important to remember that versions of it compatible with iOS and Android systems are currently offered to all customers of the bookmaker, and for people who would like to join as well, for completely free. Regarding the system developed by Google, it is necessary to mention that its version of the Betway mobile app is still not available on Google Play. It is unclear whether this will change later in the future.

Despite this, the process for how to install the software it is still very simple, and is comprised of a few simple and straightforward steps. These actions take only a few minutes to complete and are detailed below:

  1. Open a mobile web browser in the tablet or smartphone where it is needed to Betway app download
  2. Access the website of the bookmaker and scroll to the bottom of the page
  3. Tap over the chosen version of the software in order to begin the download of the Betway apk file
  4. Open this file after the download finishes
  5. Follow the instructions displayed on screen

Now it is necessary to stop at this step for a second, because most Android devices prevent by default the installation of software that has not been downloaded from official sources. This means that only apps obtained from places such as Google Play, Samsung Store or the Huawei AppGallery can be installed.

However, this can be changed by going to the security menu of the phone or the tablet. At that place, the user must find the checkbox which says “unknown sources” which should be unchecked. The customer needs to check it, and after this has been done, the installation of the Betway apk should continue automatically.

Once this has been done, the application will be ready for its immediate use. A feature to consider about this app is its small size. The current version of the Betway apk is only 2.5 megabytes in size, which reflects how good the optimization work of this software has been.

The system requirements are not demanding. It is required to have Android 4.1 or a more recent version. Some users have reported that the Betway apk can be installed in Android 4.0. However, in this case the live streaming will not work. On the other hand, the screen must be of at least 320×480 in size. If it is smaller than these values, the visual elements of the app will not be displayed properly.

The Betway apk can be downloaded in any device that fulfills these requirements, regardless of the brand. As can be seen, it is not necessary to have a high end expensive smartphone or tablet.

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Making the Betway app Kenya download process in iOS

In contrast to Android, in the Apple operating system the process is far easier. The user only needs to go to the AppStore and obtain the Betway mobile app directly from there. In this system the size of the app is also very small, which means that it will not take a lot of space of the internal memory.

This version of the application works with every version of iPad, and in the case of the iPhone, it is required to have at least its version 5. Also, any Apple device where it is intended to install the Betway app must have at least the version 7.0 of iOS.

Currently other mobile operating systems are not supported by the software. It is possible to see in many places around internet some people asking whether there is a version for Windows Phone. Unfortunately a version of the program for this ecosystem currently doesn’t exist, and it is unlikely that such version of the app will be developed at some moment in the future.

But people who want to enjoy the Betway online experience from a tablet or a smartphone that operates with a system other than iOS or Android still have an option to do so, because that’s the main reason why the mobile version of the Betway website exists. This webpage offers all the features that can be found in the applications, with a similar interface, which allows those users to have a comfortable and overall good experience.

Of course this website can also be accessed from iOS and Android devices. However, in those cases it is recommended to obtain the Betway mobile app whenever possible, mostly because the mobile webpage is much more dependant on a stable internet connection. This means that if said connection is lost even for a short amount of time, the user may be disconnected from the service that he or she was using at the moment, causing potential inconveniences with the bet or play itself, or even with payments if one was being done at the moment.

But the webpage for mobile devices has a decisive advantage, which is that it doesn’t require an additional download. Even if the size of the installer is already very small, some users could be struggling with their available storage space. That’s another reason why this special version of the webpage was created.

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Main features of the Betway Kenya app

Now that the system requirements and explanations for making the Betway app download process for both Android and iOS have been explained, now it is time to speak about the features.

It is possible to speak about this aspect in a very concise way, because everything that can be found in the main desktop website will be available for being used from the software, without any exception. This means that the user can sign up to create a new account, access all the sport betting markets, all the casino games, payment options, live streamings and more. Of course, the odds found in these platforms are exactly the same that exist in the desktop version.

Thanks to all of this, it is possible to say that the Betway app is without a doubt one of the best available among all sportsbooks. Not only because it takes all the features from the desktop website to mobile devices, but also because it has been carefully adapted and optimized for said gadgets, making the process of navigating through the different services, and participating in the available games and bets a very easy process.

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Conclusions after trying out the Betway mobile app

Considering that nowadays the majority of the people owns a smartphone, and for that reason they demand that their usual everyday services can be available at the palm of their hand, it is obvious that the bookmakers also need to listen this request and be capable of offering their services through mobile platforms.

This has been another front in the war between the big bookmakers in order to gain and keep their market share. The Betway Kenya app has been one of the weapons used by this sportsbook, which so far has provided successful results, and has helped this gambling company to become one of the undisputed leaders of the worldwide bookmaker market.Get free 144$ bonus

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